Hello, Universe.

I'm Matheesan Manokaran

Aspiring Software Engineer Software Engineering Intern B.Eng 2019

More About Me

Let me introduce myself.

(Insert About Section Here... :D) I'm a typical guy. I enjoy time out with my friends. I enjoy discovering new things and trying them out whether it be food, activities or technology. Mostly enjoy trying different food; call me a foodie if you'd like. Every now and then I like trying new then I enjoy learning new skills away from the digital life as well with things like learning Piano and getting into trading so I can potentially retire early. I enjoy being active, by swimming, playing basketball and keeping fit. I also enjoy my time playing some videogames like overwatch and PUBG.
I basically enjoy doing things with other people and learning new things as I go along. My friends would describe me as the organizer/planner, nerdy or a weeb(someone who's very into anime).
Laugh, Learn, Love. That's something I think is a major key to life. That's the end of the about me section. This short description may not be enough to get to know me so feel free to reach out if you'd like to get to know me better (Click on my email in the footer). Have a Listen..


I'm looking to become a Project Manager in the future. I strongly believe that before I get there, I should be well-rounded and more knowledgable. My people skills increase everyday throughout my interactions at both my jobs. I'm becoming a better leader while also learning new skills and gaining invaluable knowledge at both my positions. I'm currently looking for a developer experience to expand my experiences, but as I said earlier, I enjoy learning and therefore am open to other positions as well.


  • 85%
    Web Development
  • 80%
    Android Development
  • 75%
    VR Development
  • 80%
    Database Management
  • 65%
    iOS Development

Experience and Training

Here, you'll find a few of my experiences and what I did at my time there.

Work Experience

Software Integration Engineering Intern

May 2017 - Present

Zang - Avaya

Produced test cases for cloud-based and .NET based applications. Converted existing and new testcases into automatic scripts. Used Selenium and Ranorex as testing tools. Worked on unified communications, call centre systems, REST API testing, chrome extensions, android/iOS applications and Internet based phone systems(PBX and SIP)

Supervisor/ Examiner/Coach/ Instructor/Lifeguard

September 2013 - Present

City of Markham

Started off as a Lifeguard and Instructor. Within 2 years, I branched off to work at 2 other pools simultaneously including the Markham Pan-Am Center for the Pan-Am Games. From my experience, I was promoted to Headguard within my first 2 years, and was promoted to supervisor 3 months later. I then went on to add different types of experiences so I also became a lifesaving sport coach and a Standard First-Aid Instructor. I currently enjoy working part-time as I get to train and advise other instructors teaching people of all ages to swim and save lives.


Computer Engineering B.Eng

September 2014 - Present

Ryerson University

Entered Ryerson University with a scholarship. Participated in the Ryerson Engineering competition and placed top 5 in programming in 2015 and 2016. Joined IEEE Ryerson from third year and onwards. Some courses I took include algorithms, operating systems, object-oriented engineering analysis, software engineering, computer architecture, data structures, microprocessors, circuits, and signals.

Specialization in Management Sciences

May 2015 - Present

Ryerson University

Comparable to a business management minor, the Optional Specialization in Management Sciences (OSMS) provides engineering and science students with a solid foundation in management sciences. Courses are tailored to better prepare students for their careers or for graduate studies in management-related specializations (e.g., MBA). Strong demand for engineering and science graduates with management training and skills makes the OSMS an excellent tool for enhancing job prospects.


Check Out Some of My Work

The following are projects I've worked on at hackathons, or all by myself. Descriptions and links to projects can be found by hovering and clicking on them. Enjoy!

Where to find me

Somewhere in
Markham, CA
L3S 2L2

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Phone: (647) 739 2505